Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weight Loss and A Nod To Those On The Same Journey!

I know I have not written at all life has been a high speed train that lets me off just long enough to stop, take a breath, a potty break, and then right back on the train I go.

So update on my weight loss journey...shall we call it a journey?.... or a back breaking lack of carbohydrates that occasionally makes me crabby expedition.

So I have reached that dreaded plateau I have about 20-25 pounds I still want to lose but by body refuses to give it is hanging on like a fat kid having to give up his last piece of cake. My body is saying screw don't give me cookies....I wont give you a firm a**!

Well...I will be honest also...the last two exercising has been sporadic and I have had more "treats and cheats" than usual...but I have maintained....and dangit.....a girl needs a piece of cheesecake on occasion.

I find moments that I am eating something vegan...doing yoga...and gnashing on hummus ...that even I question who I have thing you know I will stop shaving and move to a commune.

So 100 pounds lost...what is my secret pill? I starving myself? I exercise 6 hours a day?.....nope, nope, nope.........I exercise 3-5 days a week for about 45min- 1 three meals a day and snack throughout the day....that's it......I watch my carb and fat intake and make sure when I do exercise I get my heart rate up...there it weight loss secret.

So Adrian started exercising and dieting with me and is becoming the incredible shrinking man.

 He likes to bike ride...but those clip your feet in the pedal Lance Armstrong type biking. He wants to get a bike for me so we can do it together.....I see the size of the seats on those bikes and I question whether or not my Kim Kardashian size butt can handle it...he thinks it can...I question his theory!...but we will see...I also question whether I can survive his 50 mile bike rides.....I am thinking 20 is sufficient.

 We did do the Dirty Dash together. It is a 10k in the mud, and has military style obstacles. We got through the first obstacles, and then came to a climbing wall...the kind with ropes, and we saw people running past them..... at that moment we decided we were going to do the whole thing....why skip stuff?......we were going to do every obstacle...the whole 10K....because you have the option to skip obstacles and also bow out at the 5k marker. The last 3 miles was awesome, and I am so glad we did it took us less than two hours to finish it all, which was pretty good, figuring with waits, having to stop a couple times to adjust shoes, and get a drink of water, and get through the obstacles. We did a fist bump at the end, we were darn proud of ourselves for doing the whole thing. There was mud in every crevice and inch of my body, but it was well earned, and proof of us getting in there and doing it ALL! We are doing it again in the fall with a group of people and it shall be a blast!

 I mentioned Adrian losing weight and getting in shape, my sister-in-law Becky has been on this weight loss journey also...I am not sure of her exact weight loss but I know it is over a 100 also. Between the two of us we have lost a grown man. She looks amazing and she completely understands my lingering insecurities, and we can talk "diet" foods and tricks. So we headed out last week for a hike. A year ago we would have stopped a 1/4 of the way up and had to have had to head back down. We went for as long as the trail would take us, and though the elevation had us huffing and puffing, we could have done more.

This week I did something that was not strenuous.....but it was more for fun...the Color Me Rad 5k run. I went with my sister-in-laws Becky and Rachel

...I just keep moving...just keep active......just take it day to day...

...with an occasional piece of cheesecake thrown in there.....

...because deep down I am the fat kid not wanting to give up that last piece of cake......


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  1. Sure do love you girl! Here's to the next hike! Now we know, if we are unsure which trail to take, just mention something about the ass and someone will come along to direct us. You are amazing!